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Welcome to the home page of the Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association (IAPA). The Israel Ambulatory Pediatric Association is a scientific society of the Israel Medical Association (IMA). Its purpose is to promote pediatric primary care in Israel.

The IAPA, in conjunction with IPROS –  the Israel Pediatric Research in the Office Setting Network, works to promote research regarding children and their health care in the community.

IAPA, in conjunction with the Israeli Pediatric Association (IPA) , is contributing to the formulation of position papers regarding management of common health issues and diseases..

The IAPA also works to expand and improve  the training of pediatric residents in community based pediatrics, emphasizing preventive care, developmental issues and the management of chronic disease in children.

The IAPA seeks to work with similar organizations from other countries so we appreciate your contacting Professor Boaz  Porter at porter_b@mac.org.il

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